Øyer and Tretten Historical Society aims to promote interest in local history and culture, collect and preserve everything that has significance for the Øyer and Tretten history and can tell how people lived and worked here throughout the times.

The society was founded i 1962. Since 1988 a periodical named «I gamle fotefar» have been published annually, containing articles about everything Øyer and Tretten: From poetry to biographies, from everyday life to dramatic events,  about those who stayed and those who left. The society also publishes books; like the transcribsions of all parish records between 1671 and 1893 (8 volume) and court records (2 volumes) between 1705 and 1744. All publications are in Norwegian.

Øyer and Tretten Historical Society is an historical society, not a genealogical society. However, many of our members are also genealogists, so if you have questions about your Øyer and Tretten ancestors you are welcome to send us an email and we will be happy to pass it on.


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